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Gran Hotel de Camagüey

Refined and sober the Gran Hotel of Camagüey raises captivating in the historical neighborhood of the city of Camagüey, famous for its tinajones (earthenware pots) and that it was founded in 1515, among the first seven villages of Cuba, under the name of Santa María of the Prince's Port.

The Gran Hotel locates in Street Maceo #64% Ignacio Agramonte and General Gómez, Camagüey, far away to some 12 Kms of the international airport Ignacio Agramonte of the city, to 560 km of City of the Havana and some 100 Kms of the natural paradise formed by the archipelago of Los Jardines de la Reina.

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The Gran Hotel of Camagüey opened its doors in 1939, it is an accustomed to construction with an excellent colonial style where they combine works in wood with fine decorations.

In 1894, the property was denominated Hotel Refrigerator, property of the Catalan Agustín Marsal, see you later of the reconstruction of the building that opened its doors as The Gran Hotel.

Figures of great fame as the Mexican Jorge Negrete and Mario Moreno (Cantinflas), Nicolás Guillén, the National Poet from Cuba, the first dancer Alicia Alonso, Rita Montaner, Ernest Hemingway among other, stayed there in its visits to the city.

Its central position and their height transform it into a perfect viewpoint of the old city and in a perfect point from where you can arrive in the smallest possible time walking to their more significant places.

During many years The Gran Hotel has been considered as the best hotel in the city, it possesses a family atmosphere and of rest, even amid the activity that supposes the central business district where it is erected.

Welcoming rooms and a good service are the main attributes of this place of having forced reference in Camagüey. Has an ideal position to visit small streets, squares, museums and other places of interest.

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